12-Channel Digital Power Amplifier, rack ears included

Amplificatore digitale in classe D - 12 Canali mono, 6 Stereo -
12X100 WPC su 4 Ohm - 12X75 WPC su 8 Ohm - Attacchi Rack in dotazione Controllabile IR, VIA Net - Trigger configurabili - Opzioni per gestione a BUS


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D12 achieves a high level of dependability and performance in multichannel amplification.

Designed, built and rigorously tested for outstanding reliability and sound. The D12 achieves a high level of dependability and performance in multichannel

The D12 uses low heat/high efficiency Class D digital technology with 8x oversampling and 48-bit signal processing to deliver the cleanest audio and most efficient amplification available today. Each of the amplifier’s 12 channels have a true power rating of 75W into 8 Ohms and 100W into 4 Ohms – with all channels driven. The D12 also incorporates
new, one-of-a-kind technologies that make its setup, flexibility and performance truly unique.

Configuring the D12 is done through its front panel buttons and display. From there you can set input levels for each channel individually or for all channels at once. You can also configure input selections for direct stereo, mono mix-down, and A/B bussing in both stereo and mono Program features such as max volume output, min/ max turn-on levels for each channel, independent triggers that allow you to turn on and off any mix of amp channels, link/un-link channel pairs and more. You can even create up to three “scenes” that, with the touch of a button, can raise or lower specific amp channels.

What’s more, the D12’s blue graphical LCD allows you to view all your settings and provides important diagnostic information such as faults, thermal warnings and impedance load per channel.

All these features, and many more, have been incorporated into a chassis design that exceeds all standard quality assurance testing, making the D12 the most reliable amplifier ever built for multi-room audio applications.

  • Designed, built and tested for outstanding reliability and sound
  • Class D Digital Technology w / 8X oversampling & 48-bit signal processing
  • True power ratings of 75WPC @ 8 Ohms & 100WPC @ 4 Ohms
  • Low heat / high efficiency
  • Patent-pending ACE™ Automatic Clip Eliminator
  • Fault, thermal and impedance load monitoring for each channel
  • Blue graphical LCD for setup, monitoring & diagnostics
  • Intuitive front panel button setup
  • “Lockout” feature fixes settings
  • Programmable “scenes”
  • Multiple input and Bus options
  • Buffered loop outputs for each channel
  • USB port allows for easy download from
  • ELAN configuration software
  • VIA!Net jack for control & monitoring
  • Rack-mount ears (incl.)

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