DS7SI DS Directed Soundfield Ceiling-Mount Stereo Input Loudspeaker; 7-in.

Diffusore IN-CEALING Dual Voice - 2 vie - Woofer da 7", 2 Tweeter da 1" - Impedenza 8 Ohm - Rated power 10-130W - Profondità 15,5 cm - STEREO


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Niles Audio DS7SI | FG01616

7" Multipurpose Directed Soundfield Stereo Input Loudspeaker, 2-Way.

For single speaker stereo applications.

  • Patent-pending fully pivoting woofer assembly focuses the bass and midrange directly into the listening area
  • Integrated baffle/frame assembly increases the cone area for deeper bass than competitive speakers of the same diameter
  • 7" glass fiber woofer cone with a curvilinear profile for smoother sound and less peaking at high frequencies
  • Dual 1" UltraSilk® soft dome tweeters for smooth, detailed high frequency response
  • Bridge-mounted Stereo Imaging (SI) tweeter array directs the high frequency sounds from both the left and right channels at opposing angles to preserve stereo separation
  • Magnetically attached, rust-resistant grille covers install quickly and provide a low profile look
  • Weather-resistant construction enables installation in wet environments and outdoors
  • Optional custom-tuned rear enclosure is precisely shaped for predictable sound performance and to reduce sound transfer into adjacent rooms or spaces

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