nHR200 Remote Control

Telecomando IR / Wireless Touch - Dimensioni Touch Display AMOLED 2,4" a colori - Per il funzionamento di ogni HR2 è richesto l'utilizzo MRC-6430


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Niles Audio nHR200

MRC-6430 IP Handheld remote control - 2.4" LCD and 2-Way Communications.

A sleek extension of the intuitive MRC-6430 control system. Its ergonomic design feels at home in your hand with a meticulously balanced grip, always ready to go in its elegant stand. Instant-on means you are never more than nanoseconds away from full use, triggered by a built-in accelerometer that instantly turns on the nHR200 when you pick it up.

The Lithium Polymer battery powers the remote for ten hours with the display on and 14 days on standby. A stylish charging base is included and keeps the nHR200 in a handy upright position – and ready to grab-and-go with minimal storage space.

The nHR200 is easily integrated into your installation. It includes 46 hard buttons to make media system operation a breeze, an efficient instant on Wi-Fi transceiver with remarkable range, and outstanding battery life. It programs quickly and allows for substantial customization.

  • All the speed, response & graphics of a touchscreen
  • Controls AV sources with metadata feedback for supported devices
  • Forty-six (46) backlit tactile buttons for common functions found on today’s audio/video sources
  • 2.4” LCD display
  • Accelerometer for activating LCD or backlight
  • Slim profile for ease of use and comfort
  • Uses instant-on Wi-Fi for communication
  • Plug and Play — No Programming
  • Supports all drivers that operate on other Niles interfaces
  • Ships standard with battery, charging base, power supply, and USB Cable

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