LT 6400

Medium-format waveguide and 60° x 40° pattern designed for downfill applications with LT Coherent Zone arrays in medium to large permanent installations, or as the primary reinforcement source along with MB low-frequency loudspeakers in smaller arrays and venues.

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60° x 40° coverage for medium-throw applications in auditoriums, worship facilities, performing arts centers, stadiums and arenas • Mid/high-frequency loudspeaker designed for use in arrays with separate LF augmentation (Bose® MB12 or MB24 bass arrays) or voiceonly applications • Bose V2 midrange manifold sums output of 2 x 4.5" (114 mm) extended-range cone drivers for lower breakup distortion and improved transient response. Provides a smoother, more natural vocal range compared to single 8" to 12" woofers. The LT 6400 loudspeaker utilizes a single Bose V2 midrange manifold • Bose large-format waveguide provides effective 60° x 40° pattern control to approximately 1 kHz (horizontal) and 1.5 kHz (vertical). Minimizes loudspeaker overlap in arrays to reduce comb-filter interference and improve intelligibility Frequency Response (+/-3 dB)1 190 Hz - 16 kHz Frequency Range (-10 dB)1 170 Hz - 18 kHz Nominal Dispersion 60° H x 40° V Sensitivity (SPL / 1 W @ 1 m)2 105 dB SPL Maximum SPL @ 1 m3 125 dB SPL (131 dB SPL peak) Crossover Type Passive Crossover Frequency 1.8 kHz Recommended High-Pass Filter 170 Hz with 4th order filter (24 dB / octave) Loudspeaker EQ Required Long-Term Power Handling4 100 W (400 W peak) Nominal Impedance 8 Ω

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  Bose® LT 6400

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