RoomMatch® RM 7020

RoomMatch® RM7020 array module delivers superb audio quality for fixed-installations in almost any room size, shape, acoustic requirement or budget. Overcoming the acoustic limitations of both line array and point-source conventional designs, RoomMatch® modules form a new class of curvilinear array that allows seamless audio quality, with consistent front-to-back and side-to-side tonal balance.

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• Concert-quality sound – New Bose® patented technologies combine to provide audio quality equaling that of the best concert-sound systems, in a fixed-installation format • RoomMatch® waveguide technology – 5 vertical and 4 horizontal coverage pattern choices allow arrays to direct sound precisely to desired listening areas, improving audio quality by reducing unwanted acoustic reflections • Progressive directivity arrays – A new class of curvilinear array in which the coverage and directivity index of each module is selected to optimize room coverage and system efficiency • Continuous-arc diffraction-slot (CADS) manifold – Proprietary Bose design provides interference-free acoustic summation of 6 compression drivers and acoustically equal spacing of diffraction slots across multiple modules • Bose EMB2 and LF10 drivers – Patented new Bose transducers combine to deliver the vocal clarity of 3-way systems with the improved polar response typical of 2-way systems

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  RoomMatch® RM 7020

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