The Bose® ControlSpace® EP40-D 4-input Dante endpoint is the ideal interface for adding mic/line inputs to a Dante-based network audio system.
It features four balanced mic/line inputs, each with front-panel indicators showing channel gain/pad and phantom power status for easy troubleshooting.
The EP40-D has two network connections to allow Dante daisy-chaining.
Dante daisy-chaining further simplifies system
infrastructure wiring by allowing multiple endpoints to use a single CAT-
5 home run connection to a network switch. Power can also be daisychained.
The EP40-D is powered by either an external +24VDC supply
or any PoE network switch. Mic/line gain and +48VDC phantom power
are controllable per channel using ControlSpace Designer™ software.

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• Integrated discovery, routing, configuration and control using ControlSpace Designer™ software • Four balanced mic/line inputs using 3-pin Euroblock connectors • Eight mic/line gain settings to accommodate any analog input level – gain is individually adjustable per channel via ControlSpace Designer software • 802.3af compliant PoE powered to work with any compliant PoE network switch, or an external +24VDC supply • +48VDC Phantom power – software switchable per channel • ID indicator allows easy identification of which EP40-D is communicating with ControlSpace Designer software • Dante daisy-chaining allows multiple EP40-Ds to be connected over a single home-run to the Ethernet switch Input Channels Four (4) analog, balanced microphone/line level Connectors Four (4) 3.81 mm Euroblock connector, 3-pin Phantom Power +48VDC, software selectable per input Gain Settings -12 / 0 / +3 / +15 / +18 / +30 / +33 / +45 dB, software selectable Input Impedance > 1.8 kΩ at any gain setting Equivalent Input Noise –115 dBu (+45 dB gain) Maximum Input Level +20 dBu (using -12 dB gain setting)

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